Interview with Marc Jacobs Beauty make-up artist Jorge Zunica

Working internationally as a make -up artist & hairstylist with well known brands such as Armani cosmetics or NARS is something many make-up artists dream about. Jorge Zunica did not only worked with these brands but is now also part of the Marc Jacobs beauty Team, has his own make-up courses, doing make-up for celebrities and was one of our make-up artist & hairstylist at the Fresh Faces contest photo shoots. Flying from country to country to do the job that he´s passionate about has brought him more than 10 years of experience.

If you are curious about how he started his career and know more about him keep on reading.


Make-up and hairstyle: Jorge Zunica, Model: Sara Cherry

Modelmanagement: How long have you been working as a hairstylist and make-up artist? How did you find your passion for both professions?
Jorge Zunica: I started working as a hairdresser at a Llongueras salon more than 15 years ago. I also have more than 10 years of experience as a make-up artist. I’ve been working for brands such as Armani cosmetics & NARS and currently I’m part of the make-up team of Marc Jacobs beauty.
My passion for make-up and hair-styling started at a young age, my mom was a hairdresser and I grew up amongst rollers and dryers. Later on I started to explore make-up as I was very interested in the esthetics world, and without even realizing I ended up falling in love with make-up even more than what I was of hairdressing.


Hair:Jorge Zunica, Make-up: Carlos vidal haircare studio

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MM: What do you look at before deciding the kind of make-up you will use?
JZ: The skin. I believe every make-up artist must agree that the most important thing of a great make-up is a perfect skin.


Make-up & hairstyle:Jorge Zunica, Model: Sara Cherry

MM:What are the features or qualities of a good make-up artist / hairdresser?
JZ: Patience, aesthetic taste and love for what you do.


Make-up & hairstyle :Jorge Zunica, Model: Elena Sevilla

MM: Where do you get your inspiration from (for every new project)? What is your job ritual?
JZ: Before I start any job I always spend hours in front of the computer looking for ideas and inspiration from other make-up artists. I hope other people can also get inspired from my make-up looks. That would mean that they also like my work!


Make-up & hair: Jorge Zunica, Photographer: Frank Diaz, Model: Martim Central Models

MM: Is there any famous person that you really liked doing their make-up?
JZ: Yes, my amazing friend & actress: Nuria Gago. When she´s in Barcelona and has an event, she always calls me to make her look even more beautiful than what she is already.

Nuria Gago_Frank Diaz

Make-up & hair: Jorge Zunica, Photographer: Frank Diaz, Model: Nuria Gago


MM: What is it that you like the most about your job? What is the most difficult thing?
JZ: What I like the most is that every day there is a different challenge, with new people and different faces. Your job is constantly changing and there are new products launching every day, with improved formulas, which makes us even more creative.

erika badu

Make-up: Jorge Zunica, Photographer: Frank Diaz, Model: Erika Badu

MM: How was your experience with models, stylist and photographer during the Fresh Faces modeling contest?
JZ: I knew the photographer for quite some time already. With the whole team I had a really good time and we were in a great environment. We worked really well together and actually it was really great to be part of this project.


MM: What’s your opinion about a modeling community as
JZ: I think it’s a great idea, a platform which benefits all the professionals working in this industry.


Make-up & hair by Jorge Zunica for the magazine Peluquerias, Photographer: Frank Diaz

MM: Currently you are offering hair and make-up courses, could you give us some more information about the type of courses that you have?
JZ: My next seminar is in Istanbul. I’m going with a company that is focusing on courses. In general they give make-up lessons e.g. self-makeup lessons, contouring formation, day time make-up looks, night time make-up looks, make-up lessons for a cocktail party and much more. I’m also currently working with the magazine ¨Peluquerias¨ in which I have my own make-up division “Maquillaje Paso a Paso”.


Make-up & hair by Jorge Zunica for the magazine Peluquerias, Photographer: Frank Diaz


If you liked this post and want to see more of his work or get some inspiration then check his profile and website.


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