From Fresh Faces to India, Pèlach Alonso has a powerful touch for photography

Pèlach Alonso is a Spanish photographer, videographer and founder of Mond estudio, currently working in all kinds of photo & video shoots such as events, documentaries, weddings, modeling shoots and Fresh Faces Modeling Contest. Pèlach wants to capture images that make an impact in the world and work on projects that can change people’s minds. Read on and find out about Pèlach’s project on Indian education, his desire to travel to Ghana and shot for UNICEF and his experience as a Fresh Faces photographer.

Photographer: Pèlach Alonso Tell us a bit about Pèlach Alonso.
Pèlach Alonso: Well, I was born and raised in Pamplona, north of Spain. I’m a northern guy and very proud of it to be honest, ha ha.
I started to get really interested in video and decided to start working in TV production. After a few years of working in TV production, photography seemed to be interesting to me. So I can now say that I am happy making a living shooting videos and taking pictures.


Photographer: Pèlach Alonso For Fashion editorial on AFTER Magazine #18


Camilla by Pèlach Alonso

Camilla by Pèlach Alonso

MM: You are a videographer and photographer, which one do you enjoy the most and why?
PA: Yeah… This is the question I’ve had to answer several times already, and even to myself I’ve never been able to give an answer straight away. I think it depends on different factors, e.g. when I go on vacation I prefer to take pictures rather than shooting videos. When I have a good story to tell, I really like shooting videos. It’s really exciting for me and I would say that I enjoy doing videos as much as I enjoy photography.


Photographer: Pèlach Alonso

MM: The first time you worked with us was in 2014 at the Fresh Faces Grand Finals as a behind the scenes photographer and this year you have been one of our main Photographers. What can you tell us about this experience?
PA: If it was fun the first time, imagine the second one! When I first received your proposal I got really excited. Then I thought: “Keep it up Pèlach! This means you are doing a great job”. I knew it would be a great experience but it was better than I expected. I am also very happy with the work my team and I did so, what else can I ask for?


Photographer: Pèlach Alonso   Models: Benjamin, Camilla, Georgina & Rutt for Fresh Faces finals

MM: Can you tell us about the time you decided to start with photography and the struggles you had in the beginning?
PA: I started with photography the day I bought my first camera. I was living in Mallorca and I was working in TV production at that time. The idea of buying a camera was already in my head for quite some time and one day I finally did it. I bought a Pentax and I still have it. Since then, I’ve never stopped taking pictures and I am getting better and better every day. I’ve had a really good teacher and worked with some good photographers. They taught me something new every day and I wouldn´t be the photographer I am today without them. I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go.


Georgina (VN Model Management) & Camilla by Pèlach Alonso

MM: There is a lot of competition in the photography industry, how do you differentiate yourself?
PA: I am not doing anything special to be honest. I just try to enjoy my job and work hard. If you do these two things you will certainly get further in your career. I also try to remain humble and grateful, because there is always something to learn.

MM: On which type of project would you like to work on?
PA: I would love to work on something that has had a great impact in the world. It can be something small but needs to have a great value e.g. last year I was very close to travel to Ghana for UNICEF. I would really love to do something like that. I am still hoping that one day I will be able to do something like this.


Photographer: Pèlach Alonso in India

MM: Which project are you currently most proud of and why?
PA: I’m about to finish a documentary I have just shot with some friends in India. It was about how education can give you a future. Something a lot of people, even here in Spain, do not understand. We did it with no money, only with our sweat and hard work. After trying for quite some time to get the right approach to the topic, we finally did it. We only have some details to work and then it will be finished. I’ve been waiting for this moment FOR A LONG time already. If at least only one person changed his idea about the importance of education after seeing this documentary it will be all worth it.

Benjamin by Pèlach Alonso

Benjamin by Pèlach Alonso

MM: Comparing where you are now with where you were when you first started, what could you have done differently to get to where you are sooner?
PA: Honestly, I do not really care now. I’m pretty sure I could have done a lot of things to get where I am now, but I also think I wouldn´t have the chance to do all the things I’ve done now. I’m happy that I lived in the cities I lived. It has taught me a lot and made me the person I am today. I’m happy I met the people I met, and has made me the person I am today. I’m happy so, who cares?


by Pèlach Alonso

MM: Who have you learned the most from?
PA: I had a teacher at the IEFC, her name was Fina Lunes. She made me believe that I can be the photographer I want to be. At that time I thought there were limits but as she said, there is no limit (for anyone).

Georgina VN Model Management by Pèlach Alonso

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