One Year Later: I Fell in Love with Tahiti

Escaping from the harsh realities of life has been heavy on my mind since I was a teenager.  I would imagine myself on an island in the middle of the ocean with complete peace and tranquility away from the negativity of modern humanity. When I learned that The Godfather himself Marlon Brando once owned an […]

Festival Ready Hair w/ SheaMoisture

Short, curly hair has been my thing for years. When I big chopped years ago, I was committed to keeping my hair cropped and cute. I didn’t want to turn into that girl who spends hours upon hours on her hair. But a few summers ago, I decided to let it grow out. So here […]

Simple Tips for Your First Casting!

For a model, a casting can be the start of a memorable career hopefully spanning across many years. The classic Polaroid photo is one opportunity for a model to enchant and…

Dear Marc Jacobs and All Appropriators of Black Culture

Normally I start letters off with a positive and celebratory compliment of your work, but let’s cut to the chase. I’m tired of you using and rarely acknowledging the black culture you so often borrow from. When I saw photos from your latest Spring 2017 collection featuring models with faux locs, I must admit I […]

Introducing Black Girl Beautiful

Every black woman has a story about not being able to find the right beauty products that work for her hair or skin. Kelly Rowland and models like Leomie Anderson and Nykhor Paul have all shared their horror stories about makeup artists doing them wrong and not investing in learned how to adorn our dark […]

How to Lay Your Baby Hairs

Let’s talk about baby hair for a second. They are definitely having a moment. Whether you’ve got natural coils, braids, or a sleek straight top knot, making sure your edges are laid is tré chic. But seriously, is it that important? The answer for some of us over here … YES! Gelling and swooping the […]

SheaMoisture is Breaking The Walls

When you walk into the beauty or haircare aisle of your neighborhood store, you’ll see a very clear divide. Ethnic beauty, as it’s called, is on the sideline with its own tiny section. If you’re a woman of color this separation has been our norm for decades. Sometimes our particular section is little to none […]