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Runways that brought the fun back to fashion shows!

Fashion shows are always something to marvel at, the clothes (of course), the models, the well-selected lights and the atmospheric music! There’s just one thing we’re forgetting, location… and we’re…

The Political Voices of Fashion!

The world has undergone some serious reshuffles recently, especially in the world of politics. It’s impossible not to notice! 2016 brought a military coup, Brexit, the death of Fidel Castro and…

PINK. Fashion’s New Obsession

We’re mid-February and naturally, everyone has been quick to flood Instagram with beautifully snapped shots of their Valentine’s Day presents. Red roses, red hearts, red everything. However, the colour of…

The Nikia Phoenix Podcast Ep. 1: Shawanna Davis of Be Beautiful LA

A little over a year ago I set out to start a new venture, one that would open eyes, hearts, and be soothing to your ears. That day has finally come with the debut of The Nikia Phoenix Podcast. The vision is to inspire you to do you. I want you to dream big and […]

The Importance of Self Care

Let’s be completely honest. I haven’t always been the best at taking care of myself. I used to put my emotional and wellness needs on the back burner in order to be the best student, the best friend, and eventually the hardest worker. On the outside I’m sure I looked like I had everything together. […]

Press Love: I’m in Essence

Self love is the cornerstone of my message to women and young girls. If you ever pay attention to any of my social media through my personal account or Black Girl Beautiful, you’ll hear me talk about it nearly everyday. I’m also incredibly passionate about embracing yourself regardless of so-called flaws and imperfections. It’s always […]