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Beauty Blast: Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil

Sunshine, a gorgeous beach, and a nice glow to your skin. Remember when you actually had a Spring Break and you could enjoy all of that? You had one week when you could take off for tropical temps and Mai Tais while lounging on powdery, white sands. Come back to reality, darling. For now we […]

Be Authentic! Be You! Event Recap

Believe in yourself. Believe in embracing the real you. I believe in you. That’s what’s my Be Authentic! Be You! event was all about: helping women learn to appreciate themselves. With the help of the crew at DevaCurl’s DevaChan Salon, makeup and skincare artist Renée Loiz, and a few other great friends, we had a […]

Obamacare and Your Taxes: What You Should Know

Health care has been a confusing subject for me, mostly because I am from Canada, where we never have to worry about health insurance because it doesn’t exist. We just pay higher taxes, and in exchange we never have to worry about going bankrupt if we get sick. Seems like […]

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