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Why Every Big Dreamer Should Live in NYC (at least for a little while)

When I was finishing my last year of university, I planned on moving to Miami Beach. I dreamed of warm, sunny days with sand in my toes and the sea as my backyard… until I fell in love with a male model who convinced me that I would be much […]

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Manifesto: Why I do This

For nearly 11 years, I’ve worked successfully as a print model and commercial actress. I started writing about my experiences to vent my frustration with an industry that can be shady, racist, and sexist. For me, writing was therapy. I voiced my opinion and people began to relate to my stories.  Over time, I’ve seen […]

With Style + Grace: Standing Up for Yourself As a Woman

As a woman, I can truly say that I’ve been disrespected and belittled. People often discredit my abilities and speak to me as if I am a child. As a black woman, I can testify that people have treated me like I am less than human. They talk down to me and expect me to […]

The Podcast: Coming Soon

What is the Nikia Phoenix podcast? Do you. That’s the simple way to put it. I want you to dream big and do even bigger. So often people tell us what we can’t do instead of encouraging us to try. Imagine if you actually learned from others just like you who have been through the […]