Zack Williams: Fresh Faces top voted U.S.A still has plenty of our Fresh Faces top voted interviews coming your way. Today we are sharing Zack William‘s success of becoming the top voted male model in the United States! Zack answered our interview questions and shared some of his personal advice and pointers on how he received the top votes in the U.S in our world-wide modeling contest. So have a read and take some tips on how you can maximize your chances of winning a top voted position in our next Fresh Faces contest!

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Image from Zack’s model profile

Model Management: Congratulations on being the top voted model in your country! How have you managed to get so many votes? Any cool strategy?
Zack Williams: Thank you! I appreciate the opportunity you’ve provided me. Getting votes was definitely a full time job. I just incorporated it into my everyday routine, whatever job I was at I would promote myself by showing people the site and asking if they would mind voting. I used all my social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram. Social media is amazing because you can reach such a large and diverse audience.

MM: How long have you aspired to become a model and when did you decide to focus on making it a career?
ZW: This is the second year of my modeling career and I really enjoy it. My background is in business, framing and construction so it’s a little different. But I had a friend suggest I try it and I was really surprised how much I enjoyed myself.

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Images from Zack’s model profile

MM: What do you believe is the key success to becoming a model?
ZW: I think being professional and dependable are both key elements. And also being able to market yourself always thinking of new ways to get yourself out there.

MM: Do you have any plans for your future career as a model?
ZW: I’ve done runway, print and promo modeling. I really want to get into commercials now.

MM: How long have you been a member on and what brought you to our modeling community?
ZW: I have been with you guys a little over a year now, I decided to put my time and effort into your company because you have a great website and great platform to set your models up for success.

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Images from Zack’s model profile

MM: What has been your greatest or most memorable modeling achievement?
ZW: I had my first book cover published this year so that would definitely be one of them!

MM: Do you have any advice to share with other aspiring models on our platform who may want to pursue a ‘top voted’ model title?
ZW: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. New things can be intimidating but once you try it you’ll see how attainable your goals are. And then you can set them even higher. Also always market yourself on social media, you need to be consistent.

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Images from Zack’s model profile


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