Vatche, a talented fashion photographer from LA!

Vatche is a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles, United States, he runs his own studio focusing on the business aspect of delivering product photography while also pursuing fashion with a classic & safe style. had the chance to ask him some questions about his work and upcoming projects.

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ModelManagement: When did you start as a photographer and where does this passion come from?
VatchePhoto: I started shooting Unit Stills photography on film sets to begin, I still love that and find that I am the most passionate about being on a film set. I have my close high school friend to thank for that, since he directs and always has me on board.

MM: How would you describe your style?
VP: I would like to think that I have a very safe, classic style. I hate to admit that because most filmmakers that I admire and respect, really push themselves and have strong messages through the use of important yet minimal dialogue and visual imagery that further fills in the narrative.


MM: Why did you choose to focus on fashion photography?
VP: I kind of fell into shooting a lot of e commerce photography, I was hired as a photographer to shoot for a studio and branched off to do my own thing, I had met my business partner there and we started our own studio focused on the business aspect of delivering product photography while also pursuing fashion.


MM: Each photo is a new project. How and where do you get your inspiration?
VP: Typically I always start with one thing and build upon that, usually it’s an idea or a location, and then you just pile things on top of that until you have a very firm and solid concept in place. Most of the time I have an idea of how the shoot will look like and I try to match it to that on the shoot day or I improvise and explore the location a little more/shot list. I try not to look at other photographers work because I tend to get their image stuck in my head and you don’t want to copy anyone but be inspired, more often than not I can’t get their image out of my head.


MM: Can you share some tips and advice for young photographers who want to start a professional career?
VP: Have a clear goal of what it is you want and why you decided to pursue that, once you have that, it’s just a matter of trying and failing until you eventually turn failures into beautiful mistakes. Don’t become obsessed with single aspects of photography, everything comes together to make that one beautiful picture, not just lighting or that sweet lens. There are so many important elements and it’s your job as a photographer to steer those elements in the right direction.


MM: Which was the most interesting shooting for you so far? Can you tell us the story behind it?
VP: I shot a pretty cool press junket of James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger for the release of Terminator 2 in 3D in China. I got the opportunity to take pictures of these two giants in the industry that have had very healthy careers over the years. Words cannot explain that day but it was pretty damn cool.


MM: Where do you get your inspiration?
VP: I’m really inspired by film makers more than anything and the ability to tell a narrative over an hour plus, period of time, that is a culmination of every single art/artist pulled together for one massive work of art.


MM: According to you, how is different to other websites to find models? Would you recommend it to other photographers?
VP: I find that there are a lot more options available and a more in-depth, intuitive search. Yes I would recommend it to other photographers.

MM: What are the benefits of having a Premium Pro membership on a Modeling Community such as
All the ones listed on the membership page is reason enough, I don’t like to be restricted when it comes to castings and searching for a specific person, usually basic membership doesn’t allow this.


MM: Any future plans you can share with us?
VP: I have about four shoots lined up that I am in love with and am really excited to shoot all four of them.
– androgynous fashion shoot.
– classic yet modern shoot located in a 1920’s building that has a very ‘train station’ feel to it.
– an outdoor studio with a HUGE cyc wall and architecture.
– a blending of special prosthetic all over the body (full body cast) and with beauty make up leaving the face untouched.

Visit Vatche’s profile and website to see the rest of his work.

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