The Top Voted models of Fresh Faces

Fresh Faces modeling contest is over and it’s time to meet and congratulate our Top Voted Winners! After a tremendous effort on social networks all these models succeeded to become Top Voted in their country! Scroll down and discover them! We’ll be announcing the Judges choice winners shortly, so stay tuned!

Veronika Ironosova from Russia

Veronika Ironosova

Anica Thomas from South Africa

Anica Thomas

Lianne Howley from Hong Kong

Lianne Howley


Rudi Witkowsky from South Africa

Rudi Witkowsky

Zaza Kapetanopoulou from Greece

Zaza Kapetanopoulou

Dima Protsenko from ukraine


Kristina Kidosi from Switzerland

Kristina Kidosi

Elvira Nikitina from Czech Republic

Elvira Nikitina

Johanna Varga from Hungary

Johanna Varga

Tomáš Aujezdsky from Czech Republic

Tomáš Aujezdsky

Ana Julia from United Kingdom


Victoria Hyeonjeong Yun from South Korea

Victoria Hyeonjeong Yun

Anna Targoniy from United States


Da Silva Tiago from Portugal

Da Silva Tiago

Roselyne Prieto from Mexico

Roselyne Prieto

Maria Alvarez from Spain

Maria Alvarez

Sabina Tschistobajeva from Austria

Sabina Tschistobajeva

Nolan Hardt from Canada

Nolan Hardt

Mara Zota from Germany

Mara Zota

Natalia Kaufman from Thailand


Azhar ansari from United Arab Emirates

Azhar ansari

Nina Stizi from France

Nina Stizi

Simone Cinti from Italy

Simone Cinti

Anny Perez from Uruguay


Lapamprato from Argentina


Jethro Marx from China

Jethro Marx

Rachel Emery Gracia from Australia

Rachel Emery Gracia

Markus Schnabel from Austria

Markus Schnabel

Emma from Sweden


Andhini Shantika from Indonesia

Andhini Shantika

Valeria Tyan from United Kingdom

Valeria Tyan

Ruben Oliveira from Romania

Ruben Oliveira

Alexey Kim from South Korea

Alexey Kim

Quenton Dupont from Thailand


Trey Salomon from united States


Sarah Sonal from New Zealand

sarah sonal

Liam Kazim from Turkey


Liss Adams from Curaçao

Liss Adams

Ella Wagner from Austria

Ella Wagner

Danijel Stojanovic from Switzerland

Danijel Stojanovic

Kit Orshiper from Finland


Georgi Kolev from Bulgaria

Georgi Kolev

Terry Mafoa from France

Terry Mafoa

Eduardo Facchín from Uruguay


Jessica Silva from Portugal

Jessica Silva

Fernanda Jenks from Netherlands

Fernanda Jenks

Braian Godoi from Brazil

Braian Godoi

Valentina Pavluchenkova from Beralus

Valentina Pavluchenkova

Ana Mihajlović from Serbia

Ana Mihajlović

Shirley Ben from Ukraine


Faith Tosin from Russia


El Flaconio from Cameroon

El Flaconio

Bala from India


Nándor Sz from Hungary

Nándor Sz.

Alexandre Juillet from Switzerland


Shakira Mangion from Malta

Shakira Mangion

Adrian Rivera from Colombia

Adrian Rivera

Phuc Cam from Germany

Phuc Cam

Liam Howard from Australia

Liam Howard

Nenad Lazarević from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nenad Lazarević

Shena Brown from Italy

Shena Brown

Karla Sánchez from Chile

Karla Sánchez

Kat from Germany


Selda from Tunisia


Dimitris Amerikanos from Greece

Dimitris Amerikanos

Said Sigala from Mexico

Said Sigala

Manuel García Lozano from Spain

Manuel García Lozano

Janice Leung from China

Janice Leung

Cristian Camilo Medina Rubio from Colombia

Cristian Camilo Medina Rubio

Fernanda Segade from Uruguay

fernanda segade

Paolo Petru from Belgium


Paula Artunduaga from Paraguay

Paula Artunduaga

Bhawini Stuti from India

Bhawini Stuti

Alayna from Canada


Kesia Rocha from Brazil

Alejandro Ramirez from United Kingdom


Stephanie Seeger from Germany


Alin Herlana from Indonesia

Alin Herlana

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