Social media influencer Sandra Falga and her incredible video campaign for Alpecin!

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You might know Sandra Falga already, as she has been elected as one of the 10 sexiest women in Spain by Esquire Magazine! She has gained her notoriety by social media and also became a model influencer in the past 2 years! Read on and find out how she successfully created a video campaign for AlpecinGermany’s Number One Male Hair-care Brand, and read learn some tips to become a successful social media influencer!

Sandra Falga

MM: What is an Influencer and how did you become one?
SF: A person with great presence and credibility in social networks thanks to their knowledge in the sector. I don’t consider myself an influencer, I only dedicate much of my time with what most motivates me and I share it with my followers.

MM: You currently have more than 230K fans on Facebook alone, what has been the main reason you’ve gained such notoriety within social networks?
SF: I always update my profiles and innovate, so my public doesn’t get tired.

Sandra Falga

Sandra Falga


Alpecin banner

MM: Congratulations on your two Instagram campaigns for Alpecin. You’ve been the creative director and the main model of the video! How did you decide on the concept to express the right message to your followers?
SF: Focusing on my creative ideas, always emphasizing on the main element; the brand ALPECIN, to reach directly the client/target.

MM: For some time now we’ve seen a change in the modeling industry where more and more atypical models are reaching success in the market. Do you consider yourself an atypical model?
SF: I don’t consider myself an atypical model; I guess what attracts people is what’s different. The key; be the best copy of yourself.

Sandra Falga

Sandra Falga

MM: What features have helped you become the social model you are on Facebook and Instagram?
SF: Be constant and interact with my followers daily.

MM: Any tips or advice for those models that want to follow your same steps?
SF: Believe in yourself and believe in your possibilities.

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