Sherri Saum’s Baby Shower! #tbt

Photo Credit: Xochi Blymyer 
Recently my friend Sherri Saum celebrated her baby shower with her family, closest friends and some co-stars and crew from "The Fosters" family. 

I was warmly greeted at the bottom of the driveway with a golf cart driver who escorted my up the hill to her shower! Upon arrival, I was offered cucumber infused water, and healthy treats. 

It's still hard to believe that Sherri is having twin boys; she's so tiny! I was amazed that she was rocking high heels and so gracefully. No prego waddle walks here! It's all about living a healthy lifestyle; she eats really healthy and still works out to maintain her form. 

“This was an amazing day with friends and family. These boys are going to be surrounded by love!”
 -Sherri Saum (ABC News).

There were about 35 guests who attended like Teri Polo, who plays Sherri’s wife on "The Fosters." Sherri’s co-stars Maia Mitchell and Madisen Beaty were also there to celebrate, as well as Saum’s former “One Life to Live” co-star and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actress Melissa Fumero.

She offered treats for us to take home consisting of mini baby bottles filled with blue and green jelly bellies and Michelle Haute Chocolate bars.

I'm so excited for her and can't wait to babysit! :-)

Photo Credit: Anamaria Brandt 

I love the styling and cute messages around her garden.

With friends Karen, Malek and Hannah.

Photo Credit: Lois Saum.

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