Pharrell & G-Star RAW launch new sustainable collection!

The famous American singer & producer Pharrell Williams just became a co-owner of the Dutch jeans brand G-Star RAW. The brand gave Pharrell the opportunity to create the new fashion collection for G-Star RAW! Both the brand and singer believe that sustainability is very important. Pharrell already owns a company named ´Bionic Yarn´, a start-up which makes thread out of plastic bottles from the ocean. G-star and Bionic Yarn already produced jeans collections together under the name ´Raw for the Oceans´!

G Star


Pharrell is the brand’s´head of imagination´ and has announced a new collection named Elwood X25 in honor of Elwood’s 20th birthday. The jeans will be available in 25 different colorful prints in an all-natural Alpine-like background. Pharrell has selected every single print and color!

G starr_b

The singer has a clear message with his Elwood X25 collection, ´´what we try to do is create space for creativity and experiments. We don´t want to tell people what they have to do or think, we try to help them express themselves, to let them choose what they want to wear en how they want to wear it. This collection is all about freedom of choice, about more democracy in your wardrobe!´´ 



We still have to wait a little bit before we can buy this collection because it will be available from February 2017 in select stores and online. 


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