Perfect Casting Photography Contest, Submit Your Work Now!

Photographers, there’s still time to participate in this great photography contest that our modeling community partnered with Viewbug has prepared for you, and win a prize worth $1100! If…

You’re Okay

My soul felt like it was fighting to disconnect from my body. The edges of my reality were caving in. My vision went from normal to blurry and dark. Moments before I was fine. I was happy. I was dancing. How in mere seconds could I go from blissful to terrified? It’s called anxiety. In […]

The Perfect Casting Photo Contest!

We know that thousands of models are being found through online castings on our site everyday, for fashion shoots, shows, events, test shoots (TFP) and many more exciting projects. Now…

Reveal the True You w/ Almay

Makeup isn’t about covering up. Like many women, I know this firsthand. I remember being introduced to makeup as a teen and trying on foundation for the first time. Because I wanted so badly to cover my freckles, I figured heavy foundation was the way to go. So I tried. But layer after layer I […]

Blocking Out Self Doubt

Doubt and I are very well acquainted. We’ve known each other for years. I’ve seen Doubt hang out around my family and my friends.  I have even seen Doubt when I look in the mirror. She looks worried and then half shrugs as I walk the other way pretending not to see her. Doubt acts […]

Top 7 tips on how to nail the perfect model profile!

Our modeling community is for all types of models, including fashion models, plus size models, alternative models, senior models and the list goes on. Check out these top tips on…

Heidi Klum’s scout is searching for the next supermodel in the Ukraine

The man who scouted Heidi Klum is on the hunt in the Ukraine for the next big thing in modeling. Thomas Zeumer has launched his model search in Kiev, and you…

Fashion trends to take from LMFW

With all of Britain’s current turmoil, there was a desperate need for something to bring everyone together and for something to celebrate. Que – London’s Men Fashion Week. With fashion…


Not all of today’s models originally aspired to enter the modelling world; but with a combination of luck, packing the right stuff and being in the right place at the…

Festival Ready Hair w/ SheaMoisture

Short, curly hair has been my thing for years. When I big chopped years ago, I was committed to keeping my hair cropped and cute. I didn’t want to turn into that girl who spends hours upon hours on her hair. But a few summers ago, I decided to let it grow out. So here […]