Organic Farming with KK

Happy Earth Day and greetings from St. Barts! I recently spent some quality time working on an organic farm for the first time in my life.  It was such a beautiful experience to learn some farming basics. My local farmer gave me a tour of one of the most gorgeous farms I've ever seen (I have yet to visit more farms). We planted lettuce seeds, tended to basil, mint, tomatoes, you name it. It's extremely gratifying to work on a farm and enjoy a dish with ingredients directly from that farm.
A Few Farming  Tips:

1. Lettuce is one of the easiest plants to grow, it only takes about 5 weeks from the time you plant the seeds. 

2. When growing basil, you want to cut off the sections that start to grow flowers, my farmer calls them "suckers." Cut off them "suckers!"

3. Use Neem oil to prevent garden pests. 

One of my goals is to grow a green thumb so I can start building my own organic micro garden. I didn't realize that farming could be so peaceful, you really feel connected to nature when you are nurturing it with love.

Find out what's happening in your region of the world on Green Cities events. It's all about learning what our cities can do to become more sustainable and how your can get involved. 

Photo Credit: Orlando Fernandez

Happy Earth Day, share the love! 

Xoxo, KK

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