Models for clothing brand campaign found within a day!

Due to the collaboration between and clothing brand Lola Nomada a successful photo shoot for the brand’s website & social media took place! A casting was posted on our community to find models for the job and in just 1 day the models were found!

Let’s shoot

It’s a sunny day in Barcelona and I am taking you all to ‘Le studio’ Lola Nomada. That’s where I met Annabel Wiering, founder and owner of clothing brand ‘Lola Nomada’.  According to Lola’s Story; ‘’Lola Nomada takes you on a journey of discovering culture, authenticity, true beauty and hidden treasures of the world. Lola’s collections of handmade, ethnic prints give every wardrobe a nomadic touch. The gypsy spirit is spontaneous and creative’’.

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new-ban-2 loves to work with designers like Lola as it’s really gratifying to find models for brands such as this one. Le Studio is located in a charming, adorable, and oh so typical Barcelona street, so the decision was made right there and then; the shoot had to take place in and around the store itself. That decided, a casting was posted on to find the best models for the photo shoot in downtown Barcelona. Within a few hours already more than 60 models applied for the casting and within 1 day the perfect models were found for this shoot!

The shooting went perfect! Lola Nomada picked out her own nice outfits for the models to wear during the photo shoot. Models Jacqueline Meester and Lu Gao were the selected ones by the designer. Both models were excited for the shoot and after a few hours of putting on outfit after outfit, changing positions and having lots of fun, loads of pictures were taken. The morning of the shoot came to an end and all the hard work was rewarded with a nice cup of coffee. The models gained another modeling experience and Lola got new pictures of her designs.

According to Annabel, one of the main keys to having success with your own brand is; ‘ knowing a lot of people in your industry’., being an online community, helps fashion designers, photographers, make-up artists and other professionals enlarge their network within and beyond their industry.

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After the shoot, when we were all enjoying our cup of coffee, I asked Annabel about her thoughts on Annabel: ”I would definitely recommend to others! It was very convenient to work with them, they have such a big variety of faces to choose from. The models we worked with were not ‘professional’ models but they did deliver professional work :)”

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Annabel opened her store in Barcelona together with Maya Nor, just a few weeks after she opened a store in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. So, also our Dutch friends have a chance to visit the store and experience Lola themselves. But, no worries, Lola has an online shop, so it’s available for everyone!

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