Make-up expert Patricia Mullen – a must read for models & make-up artists had the amazing opportunity to work with Patricia Mullen, professional make-up artist & hairdresser, during the Fresh faces modeling contest. Patricia has a great passion for her job, she can adapt to mostly any situation and loves to work and learn in creative environments. Her work experience includes working with well known brands such as Aveda, L’Oréal, Schwarkopf, Wella, Goldwell, TiGi, Mac, Makeup forever, BobbiBrown and Urban decay. Furthermore, she has worked internationally mainly in Barcelona, London and Ireland. Working with bridal & fashion make-up, working on different advertisements, theater, events, magazines and TV are also part of her amazing portfolio. Check her website to see more of her work and keep on reading to know more about Patricia and her success.


Make-up by Patricia Mullen

Modelmanagement: Who is Patricia Mullen?
Patricia Mullen: A hairdresser, a make-up artist, a wife and a mother to three children – who simply enjoys the work she does immensely and possesses a real passion for what she does.


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MM:  Does a make-up artist also need to be a hairdresser?
PM: No, but it definitely does help. It also helps to give you a greater understanding of the total look.
It gives you a wider range of openings, especially because with many projects there’s only enough budget to cover one person – so if you can do both jobs you become a bigger asset.


Make-up by Patricia Mullen

MM: It’s the second year you collaborate with professional photographer Ben Evans in one of his main photo shoots during the Fresh Faces contest. How is the experience of working in an international model contest as this one?
PM: Yes that is correct, I love working with Ben he is a true professional in every sense of the word. He has so much energy and passion, it is easy to spend hours just talking with Ben about ideas for photo shoots. He has some amazing ideas and vision and above all he is a really lovely person. Working on an international model contest as Fresh Faces was a fantastic opportunity. You get to meet and work with many talented, enthusiastic and nice people.


Make – up by Patricia Mullen

MM: Any highlights you would like to share with our readers?
PM: On my most recent shoot for Fresh Faces. I am so happy to have collaborated with some of my favourite professionals in the industry and to bring them all together for this shoot. Everyone was amazing and gave their best and I am so proud of the team I helped put together.
The team: Anna Mundett Hair and Makeup,Tatiana Uribe Delgado Makeup,Virginia La Musette Bruni Stylist -coordinator, Marzia Rota Assisting with Clothes, Callecia J brown Designer and Styling, Leo Parelta Designer and Avalon Saez Designer.


MM:Your work has been published in magazines and you’ve collaborated in several look-books and editorials. Any tips you can share with make-up artists who just started in the industry?
PM:Yes, That’s correct. Be professional at all times, and that’s regardless of the project, because no experience is ever a waste of time. Arrive on time, make sure your brushes are clean, stay off your mobile phone while at work. It might all sound simple but you would be surprised.Practice, practice and practice, and build up a good portfolio.


MM: To what do you owe your success?
PM: I have been fortunate to train and work with some of the best people in the industry, people who have been an inspiration, and I’ve learnt so much from them.Hard work and perseverance. I always give my best to every project, and continue to try and do better, I have passion for what I do and I love my Job.


MM: What are the benefits of having an account on a Modeling Community such as
PM: It’s a great platform to showcase your work, and for connecting with other professionals in the same field.


Fresh Faces finalist: Make- up by Patricia Mullen, photo by Ben Evans

MM: Do you think having an online presence is a must?
PM: Most definitely, it allows my work to be easily viewed, by an infinite audience. And it also allows for easy contact with fellow artists or
possible clients. Social media is key, as well as having your portfolio available online.


MM: What is your favourite make-up trend?
PM: The Dewy look, I will never get tired of this look.


Make-up by Patricia Mullen

MM: A make-up secret models should know to look gorgeous in just a few minutes?
PM: Preparation of the skin prior to applying make-up is essential,cleanse and moisturise. Use a foundation/base that matches your skin tone.
Eye Cream shadow – it’s easy to apply and blend in. Apply some lip colour either a lip balm or a natural colour lipstick/gloss. Dry lips do not look nice!Then a little bit of blusher and Mascara and you are ready to go.


MM: Tell us one of your best memories since you have been in this industry?
PM: I have so many it’s hard to just name one, but working on a location (Delta del Ebro) stands out for me.


Make-up by Patricia Mullen

MM: Where would you like to be in this industry or what do you want to accomplish?
PM: At the moment I am in the process of joining an agency with a group of like-minded artists, to provide a professional service for fashion
events. Which is something I’m especially excited about, I can’t say any more.


Patricia Mullen with model Kierstynn by Ben Evans

Make sure to check out her profilewebsite if you enjoyed this exclusive interview. 


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