Kasia Rain’s secrets for getting into shape and maintaining a healthy goal weight

Summer, bikini and a perfect body are the most talked about topics at this moment. A lot of people are getting ready for summer and trying different diets and hitting the gym. It’s important to remember that your health is important and is good to have a balance by eating & having a healthy lifestyle without starving yourself.
Kasia Rain is a Motivational Fitness & Lifestyle Coach who speaks about having a balance, eating healthy and loving your body. She is also the Author of the book ¨Healthy & simple with Kasia Rain¨ and an entrepreneur. She is known for creating the FOGA Fitness method and The Official Model Body Workout and working with different models including Holland’s Next Top Model winner Loiza Lamers.

Keep on reading if you want to find out more about getting in shape and maintaining a healthy goal weight with Kasia Rain.

Model Management: You are a motivational fitness and lifestyle coach as well as being the official Body Planner for popular TV show, ‘Top Model’. How did you land this amazing opportunity?
Kasia Rain: I was approached because of my methods and experience not only when it comes to the physical training but also the right nutrition and mental coaching. Young models and especially program candidates dealing with a lot of pressure and it’s very important that they get coached very well so they can achieve the best body type but most important in a balanced and healthy way.

MM: How and when did you become a certified fitness coach?
KR: I have always been a very sporty girl but when I was a teenager I struggled with eating disorders and it was while working on healing myself that I discovered a true passion for living a healthy lifestyle. I found myself through yoga and meditation, this is why I decided to do yoga teacher training, but at first it was more for me. It was at this time I also decided to study nutrition because I was so amazed with the human body and wanted to get to know as much as possible about how it works. After finding a true passion for fitness I also decided to study it through several different courses and seminars. In addition to that, I studied about the hormonal system in our bodies, which has helped me to understand even more, especially about the female body.

Kasia Rain
MM: Being a lifestyle and fitness coach obviously will make you very health conscious. Can you describe your daily fitness and dietary regime?
KR: Yes, I’m very health conscious when it comes to living healthy also because I suffer from an autoimmune thyroid disease called Hashimoto’s disease. It makes me even more sensitive to processed and unhealthy food than the average person. But, because of all the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the years I have manage to treat it naturally without medicine and live almost symptom free. I think my daily fitness and dietary regime is little different than what I would give to an average person or model.
I eat gluten, dairy, sugar and soya free. I only eat organic and unprocessed foods. My training routine involves lots of yoga and fitness inspired exercises, light and short cardio training and most importantly giving myself enough rest. I train 3-4 times a week for 30-45 min. I eat 5 smaller meals per day high in healthy, lean protein like organic chicken, fish, eggs and healthy fats such as avocado, olive and coconut oil, natural nuts as well as enough complex carbohydrates: lots of vegetables, little fruit, buckwheat, quinoa and millet.

Book cover Kasia Rain

MM: What are your five ‘dos and don’ts’ when it comes to getting in shape and maintaining a healthy goal weight?
1. The most important is having the right state of mind behind the goal, do it for your health and out of self love instead of just being focused on the physical rewards.
2. Start with small changes, little steps, extreme diets and fitness regime will cause your body to break after few weeks and make you lose the motivation to stick to it.
3. Eat natural foods, that will make you feel full and energized and motivate you to train.
4. Avoid processed foods, junk food, all food filled with chemicals, trans fats and sugars, they will not only sabotage your body goals but also demotivate you mentally, these foods “steal” your energy! Start with:
– Getting rid of soda’s, replace it with water (ad some lemon for the taste)
– Smaller portions and more often
– No dressings and croutons on your salads
– Grill your meat and fish instead of deep-frying it.
– Steam or grill your veggies
– Snack with carrots and cucumbers instead of candy or chips.
– Green tea instead of coffee
– Pure organic chocolate instead of milk chocolate bars
– Don’t skip breakfast
– Don’t go too long without eating, it will cause you to make bad food choices
– When in a restaurant ask for dressing or sauce on the side and choose grilled or oven dishes and skip the breadbasket.
5. Workout:
– Get yourself a nice workout outfit (Looking good is the first step to feeling good).
– Plan your workouts in the agenda.
– Find a workout buddy and motivate each other.
– Don’t overthink when trying to get in the gym. Just do it ;).

The model workout of Kasia Rain

Always stay close to yourself and do it together with your body instead of fighting it, don’t tell your body it’s ugly and you hate it, even if your not happy with your current look tell yourself: “This is me, my body and maybe I’m not at my best physical version of me right now but I love myself and that’s why I will do something about it because me and my body deserve to be the best we can be”.


Don’t sabotage your journey by telling yourself “ I have to workout”, “I have to eat healthy”, humans don’t like to do things they have to do, so tell yourself “I want to workout because it’s good for me”, ‘I can eat junk food but I choose not to because I deserve better, I deserve healthy food”. That will motivate you to stick to your goal and make your journey a positive experience.

Don’t make unrealistic and unhealthy goals for yourself it will make you feel deprived and depressed, don’t starve yourself, don’t over train, listen to your body. There is a thin line between healthy disciple and obsession so make sure you feel good, healthy and full of energy! Enjoy the journey instead of rushing to the destination.

MM: You came up with your workout plan ‘The Model Body Workout’. Can you tell us the ideas and main outlines behind this workout plan?
KR: It’s very common that young models might not know how to workout, cant afford a personal trainer, what to eat etc but one thing they all know is that they need to meet the agency requirements in order to get work.  This will very often causes them to do the wrong type of training or even follow extreme, dangerous diets etc.That is the main reason why I created The Model Body Workout, I wanted to make the workout and nutrition method available for models all over the world so they can get the right type of training and nutrition to help them achieve their body goals in a very healthy and balanced way.

This year I’m also organizing The Model Body Retreat in Ibiza which is an All-inclusive vacation for all the established and aspiring models from the 3rd to 10th of September 2016. The experience gives them the opportunity to have an amazing holiday while learning about the proper nutrition and how to achieve and maintain the perfect model body specifically for their own body type. Whilst also experiencing the best of what Ibiza has to offer like parties, beaches and lots more fun because its all about balance and if you work hard you should also be able to play hard!


MM: Modelmanagement.com is a community full of aspiring and professional models. How would you motivate users on our platform to follow ‘The Model Body Workout’?
KR: I would like to invite them All to experience it for themselves via The Model Body Workout Live stream class with me from the comfort of their own home.

MM: You worked with Holland’s Next Top Model winner Loiza Lamers. What was it like training and working with Loiza?
KR: Yes, Loiza is an amazing and very driven model. She is very focused and motivated on her career which makes her a great student when it comes to training. She achieved her perfect model sizes in less than a month thanks to her passion and motivation. She is a goal-getter and also a very inspiring person, her story is very touching. Outside me training her we have also become very good friends.

Top model

MM: Do you have any memorable moments from your job as a motivational fitness and lifestyle coach?
KR: Of course! It’s a very inspiring job and gives me a lot of inner satisfaction.
I have been able to work with lots of inspiring people. Of course working for Top Model is a great experience.
I have also worked for Hunkemoller HKMX Sport collection, doing an amazing group workout with 200 motivated women. I have also made special workouts for the online HKMX community. I’m also very exited about all the projects I have coming up like the Model Body Retreats, Books, streaming classes etc.
Outside of the world of modelling and fashion industry I have also helped people who were obese and now their lives and weight are completely healthy.

I have helped models achieve their sizes so they were able to get signed with the best agencies and work for great designers but the most rewarding moments for me are when I can make people feel good about themselves and feel happy, those moments are the most memorable for me.

Kasia Rain

MM: How do you motivate your clients when you are training them and do you find it easy to motivate the people you work with?
KR: I motivate them with lots of positive energy, it’s very important to let people know that I know that it’s not always easy and I’m proud of them working hard. I teach them to love themselves and use that love to take care for their body. I give people attention, it’s not about the job for me I really care about people I work with and I think they can sense that. Most of the time I don’t find it difficult to motivate people. Its sometimes a bit harder to motivate someone who is totally close minded and is not willing to put any work but its not impossible! I really believe you can achieve anything you want but you also need to be willing to put the work in and most of all be positive. Life is a wonderful gift and for the models, if this is your dream you should use the will to achieve it to motivate you to work hard and stay focused and believe me you will be rewarded.

Kasia Rain

MM: Finally, do you have any guidance for users on modelmanagement.com when it comes to feeling confident in their own body?
KR: Like I said earlier, it’s in your mind, even if you’re not in your best shape at the moment love yourself, don’t bash yourself and don’t let the outside world make you feel bad about yourself. Especially where everything is about experience, you need to be very strong and stay grounded. Know your worth without looking for confirmation on the outside- believe in yourself. You need to know that in the moments you get refused for an assignment or not chosen at a casting, it’s not personal, you just didn’t fit the type this time, there is nothing wrong with you.

Also remember that when you get told by an agency that you’ve got the potential but you need to lose a little weight, it’s not because you are fat, it’s because those are the requirements, they see your talent and are giving you the honest opinion even if it comes over harsh.

It’s up to you if you are willing to work on it and if you do, make sure your doing it the healthy and balanced way, don’t go for the short cuts, they wont work and will make you very unhappy. There is always a good way, you just need to find it and love yourself :).

DVD Kasia Rain

To know more about the Kasia and her Model Body Retreats, Books, streaming classes and more visit her website and check her social media.

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