Jakob Karte talks about professional photography and filming the Fresh Faces World Finals

Jakob Karte is a professional photographer and filmmaker who has worked for major brands including Coca Cola and Panasonic whilst also working with Modelmanagement.com producing last year’s Fresh Faces World Finals film for Fashion TV. So, after traveling the world for his career and specializing in fashion, people and music photography, Jakob decided to broaden his horizons and turn to film production. Modelmanagement.com got the chance to ask Jakob some interesting questions about his career, filming the Fresh Faces World Final and finding out Jakob’s exciting future plans!

3 Fresh Faces

Jakob Karte at the Fresh Faces finals by Yan Pekar

Model Management: Jakob, how did you feel about shooting Fresh Faces world finals?
Jakob Karte: It was exciting shooting the finalists around all the events and venues for the world finals contest, here in Barcelona. After having shot the finals previously as a photographer, it was great being commissioned to shoot the official video this year. I think this contest shows that motivation can make up for lack of knowledge. Dedication goes a long way, and it was fun working around these young but surely talented models. Twelve different nationalities, united for this event to show off their skills to the world, the atmosphere was quite contagious ;). It gave them fantastic exposure to walk the runway of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week and I’m sure the world is going to see a lot more of them.

MM: You are a photographer and filmmaker, what’s it like being active in both these two fields?
JK: I started out studying photography and fine arts and shooting only still photography for some years. These days I’m also active as a director, videographer and editor on video shoots. I really enjoy all these different roles, as each one of them requires me to focus on different aspects of the shoot. In the end its always a group effort and you can’t do it without a great team behind you!


Jakob fashion

Fashion photography by Jakob

e-tv_Jakob Karte

MM: What attracted you initially to venture into the side of moving images?
JK: Visual art excites me in general, whether it’s paintings, project mappings, cinema productions, collages, videos or photography. Making videos allows me to blur the lines between still and moving pictures and tell a story in a more profound way to communicate a desired message through different stylistic devices. In the end, we’re still trying to put whatever ideas we come up with into the four corners of a frame. However, film gives me more room to transport someone’s emotions, feelings, and expressions to shape a story onto the screen.

MM: What do you love most about your job?
JK: It’s allowed me to travel the globe, meet some of the most interesting people I can imagine and has me facing new challenges every day. Also the initial excitement of the first meetings on a new project are really addictive. Ultimately having the possibility to express myself and my ideas visually is what keeps me loving my job.

Jakob Karte at the Fresh Faces finals by Yan Pekar

Jakob Karte at the Fresh Faces finals by Yan Pekar

MM: What can we expect from you in the near future?
JK: I just got back from New York where I spent the last three months, so I´m happy to be back in time for summer and the season here. Apart from shooting for different clients, I’m trying to put together a gallery project of images I shot in Cuba. Also this year will see the release of my first 60 minute documentary for a tour I did in Kenya with actors from an NGO. From next month onward, I will also be represented by Unida Films in Barcelona.

Jakob people

People photography by Jakob

MM: Being originally from Germany, what do you find in Barcelona to choose this city as your base to live and work?
JK: I’ve been travelling lots and living in different spots in the last decade including Munich, Cape Town, Zurich, USA, Berlin. In Barcelona I find a lot of elements that I’m looking for in life. Being close to the ocean is important to me. I’m inspired by the light that transcends this spot, the movement of the people, the fresh energy of a cosmopolitan place by the sea and what the waves bring in every day. Barcelona’s versatile settings and shooting locations also allow for all kinds of productions to be placed here and it’s a great city for any kind of shoot. I’m truly in love with this place.


Fashion photography by Jakob

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