How to make the most of social media!

Social media opens a lot of doors for a lot of people these days. People win freebies through competitions, meet new friends, find new husbands and wives, potential bosses check out potential future talent and creatives use it to connect and realise interesting new projects. So, now ask yourself… are your social media accounts working to help your modeling career goals? They could and should be!

You’ve probably noticed, we’re a social bunch at The community is a unique social platform connecting models, photographers, model agencies and many more industry professionals. We are active Instagrammers and our user profiles all have the ability to integrate with all your favourite platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! It’s safe to say that we know the tips and tricks behind having a successful social media account that works with you to promote your goals. Let’s get down to business and give your social media a shake up with these 5 helpful tips

Select the platforms you want to use on a professional basis… Keep your personal accounts separate from your professional. Platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are great tools in helping to spread the word about your modeling career, where accounts with Pinterest are best for finding inspiration. Whichever social platforms you decide to use in propelling your career, always think about the tone of the messages and captions you send out. Tailor your content specifically to modeling/ fashion/ beauty and avoid sharing overly personal posts.

Choose the right profile picture… Think of the profile picture on your modeling social media accounts as that opening shot in a portfolio! You want this image to give a strong, positive first impression. People may be actively searching for you or they may just stumble across you, with a powerful, clear shot of your face you’ll leave a lasting impression on potential clients and even gain new followers!

Spring Clean your profiles… If you haven’t given your profile a shake up in a few months, why not? Ensure your “About Me” is a relevant and interesting snapshot of you, mention some of your most recent projects and ensure your working locations are clearly listed. Make sure to update your images with your most recent projects, taking the time to list the other industry professionals involved in the work- tag or mention the photographer, stylist, hair, mua, brands and retouchers. This not only is a great way to appreciate everyone’s work that went into those images but opens you up to being discovered by new clients.

Watch those tags… We’re talking hashtags and image tagging. For professional accounts adjusting your settings so that you must approve tagged images is a good idea. Not because we think you have things to hide, rather it’s all about keeping the work from the play. You don’t want images popping up that aren’t in keeping with your model portfolio. Secondly, pay attention to hashtags. Use them, but be selective. Only use relevant hashtags and don’t go overboard. Even do a little research into the popular fashion tags at the time to help widen your reach.

Be SOCIAL… Social media, the clue is in the name. Use your accounts, follow the models you aspire to be like, the agency you want to work with, the fashion photographer you love and engage with the industry! Always be proactive and positive when commenting or contacting potential clients or other models and creatives via social media. There is a lot of inspiration to take from social media so make the most of it! You can not use it to network, to build your portfolio by connecting with photographers and even to find new castings and other modeling opportunities.


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