Elegance and destruction, a stunning magazine editorial from a model casting in our community

Award winning, Miami based fashion and beauty photographer Deena Danielle, recently published a casting in ModelManagement.com’s community to find a model for her latest project. After only a few days Deena chose the gorgeous model Diana Ela La O Prada from the casting. The editorial was published in the May issue of Salysé Magazine and you can see it right here…it’s stunning!

As Deena explains: “Bandaged Beauty is an editorial series exploring the relationship between beauty and pain, the juxtaposition of elegance and destruction, and how elements are inevitably balanced by opposites. Thank you so much ModelManagement.com for all your help in finding models for me to work with!”

We’d like to thank Deena and her crew for casting in our community and we look forward to more castings for future amazing projects ?

Here are the team if you would like to get in touch or follow them:

Photographer: Deena Daniellewww.deenadanielle.com

MUA/Hairstylist: Eduardo Jiménez

Model: Diana Ela La O Prada

Magazine: Salysé Magazine

Wardrobe: Necklace – SikuJewelry – www.sikubrand.com

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