self esteem

You’re Okay

My soul felt like it was fighting to disconnect from my body. The edges of my reality were caving in. My vision went from normal to blurry and dark. Moments before I was fine. I was happy. I was dancing. How in mere seconds could I go from blissful to terrified? It’s called anxiety. In […]

Blocking Out Self Doubt

Doubt and I are very well acquainted. We’ve known each other for years. I’ve seen Doubt hang out around my family and my friends.  I have even seen Doubt when I look in the mirror. She looks worried and then half shrugs as I walk the other way pretending not to see her. Doubt acts […]

The Power of Forgiveness

Practicing love for all humankind is what I do regularly, so this next admission may come as a shock. There are a few people that I don’t give a shit about. I’m no saint or angel with a golden halo. Sure, you can call me petty. Harboring these feelings isn’t healthy, but the truth is I’m […]

This isn’t Love: Gaslighting & The Emotional Hostage

It happened again: the nightmare that my ex-boyfriend is holding me hostage. Although he never physically held me against my will, he wouldn’t let me go emotionally. Nearly five years after our relationship ended and I am still mending my scars. I try not to talk about it much publicly, because it’s really nobody else’s […]

The Importance of Self Care

Let’s be completely honest. I haven’t always been the best at taking care of myself. I used to put my emotional and wellness needs on the back burner in order to be the best student, the best friend, and eventually the hardest worker. On the outside I’m sure I looked like I had everything together. […]

Women Unedited: Diana

Last spring I had the honor of having an article published in Darling Magazine called The Models and the Madness. As part of my process, I interviewed a couple of model friends who could shed a light on the difficulties of tackling self esteem, body issues, and self love when your job is to be […]

Embracing Your Calling

More than a decade ago, I worked at a television station as a news producer. It’s what I’d gone to college for and so it only made sense for me to work within the field which I’d studied. I didn’t want to be one of those recent grads who stayed jobless or accepted a minimum […]

When the World Gets Too Noisy

The first thing many of us hear is the sound of our alarm going off in the morning. We reach over with sleep still in our eyes to turn it off. It’s rarely ever a pleasant alarm that lets you ease into your day… more like a blaring horn screaming at you to WAKE UP! From […]

The Trump Era and the Angry Black Woman

Last Tuesday as the election results were pouring in, I was at the airport waiting to board a flight out of the country. The timing of a planned work-cation to Tahiti could’t have been better. But as I sat in the terminal witnessing all of the hope and progress of the past 8 years disappear, […]

Dear Marc Jacobs and All Appropriators of Black Culture

Normally I start letters off with a positive and celebratory compliment of your work, but let’s cut to the chase. I’m tired of you using and rarely acknowledging the black culture you so often borrow from. When I saw photos from your latest Spring 2017 collection featuring models with faux locs, I must admit I […]