Antonio Funaro: the photographer telling stories and expressing emotions through his photographs

Antonio Funaro is an Italian professional photographer currently based in Paris. He has been in the industry for over 13 years now, his professional background and ability to tell stories, led him to perfectionism and to transmit feelings and emotions through his images, as he says ´with a picture you can travel and dream´.

Model Management: Where did your passion for photography came from?
Antonio Funaro: When I was a kid my parents used to give me a disposable camera, I had a lot of fun taking pictures. One day I happened to see my uncle’s Nikon and I fell in love with it. For my 8th birthday my parents gave me my first Canon “T60” and it was a total surprise! I was so happy! At high school, I learned analog photography and development in the darkroom, so I’ve improved my knowledge of composition, storytelling and more, all pushed by my curiosity and studying other artists.


MM: How would you describe your style?
AF: If I had to put it into words, I’d say that my style is personal and elegant. Personal, because from judgments and critics I had and from self-criticism, I can say that I like to feel that I am the creator of everything I do, without having to fit into a specific box or copy anyone else.


Marisha by Antonio Funaro

MM: How has your professional career helped you to improve your photography?
AF: I learned from my mistakes, my frustrations. Each time I use the camera it’s different from the time before. I don’t know what will happen, I can plan a photo shoot meticulously but sometimes I haven’t planned for comes up, and it’s the best thing that can happen! Because it pushes me to be more creative and so I keep improving!

MM: Has your work changed since you’ve been living in Paris?
AF: Absolutely. Paris is the capital of fashion. It attracts a lot of different industries. There are a lot of demands with so many professional and amateur photographers working here. There is a lot of competition so you have to be great. That’s what I aim for, whatever the cost.

MM: Why did you choose to focus on fashion photography?
AF: When I started looking around me to choose what kind of photography I wanted to study I tried them all, from reportage to fashion. Fashion is what I loved the most for the scale and complexity of the industry it belongs to. Organizing a photo shoot is a big thing: producer, fashion designer, photographer, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, etc. all working as a team to get a result together.
I love team work, the organization and above all the fashion!
Another thing that pushed me to choose this sector is that I found out I can tell stories through editorials and I love that. Many people believe that images are just images but the truth is that they carry a collective conscience and responsibility for the message they convey.


Theo Joie

MM: You said you love taking pictures of people, who inspires you the most?
AF: I love genuine people who can speak with their eyes, with a smile, an expression.
I am fascinated by suffering looks. Sorrow is an emotion that makes the eyes takes shape. People, who have really lived, tell their story with their eyes. It’s something that always shines through. I have got used to interpreting the figure, the silhouette; I’m not talking about a flat stomach, but about the outline of people. That tells a lot, sometimes more than words, about a person. And I love a good smile!

MM: Where do you get your inspiration?
AF: It depends; basically, I get an idea when I see things for the first time. It can be a collection, a person, a model, a place, then I listen to my client’s needs and I try to make them mine. I’m not used compromising on my ideas, but I love sharing my knowledge and my choices with clients to allow them to participate.

MM: The photography industry is very competitive. What would you say makes your work unique?
AF: Anyone can take a picture, imagine this situation: ten photographers, using the same camera or each one of them with a same camera model, all of them taking a picture of the same subject. How is it possible to be different if the cameras are the same? Simply: with your personality, imagination, ideas, technical skills, knowledge and capacity for storytelling. These things are skills that allow me to be different.

MM: What is your best memory of a photo shoot?
AF: The fear I feel while I’m about to check the first picture on the monitor. Every time it is the same feeling. From that moment the challenge starts and I do my best to get the results I want. Ah, and obviously the launch time.


Anne Lexée

MM: Which projects can we expect from you in the near future?
AF: I’m planning projects with some designers, my intention is to create editorials for magazine publication, meet new people in this business to create a solid network and above all, taking pictures!


Laura Mastrogiovanni


Dario Onana 


Irina Gorban 

Sebastián Cedeño Manrique  

Theo Joie 

Esther de Lacale 

Pascal Pittiloni 


Anne Lexée

Laura Mastrogiovanni

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