A talk with Alex Vesci – Vans & London Fashion Week photographer

Alex Vesci is a professional fashion photographer based in London, England. He has already done several editorial shootings and even took some shots for the American brand Vans. On top of that, he has recently been part of the London Fashion Week as one of the photographers. Last months, Modelmanagement.com opened up a casting for him as he had been looking for male models for an editorial shoot. In the end, he found the right two models on our modeling community and so they put together a successful and professional photo shooting.

Modelmanagement.com got the chance to take a look at the final result and, furthermore, to ask Alex some interesting questions about his passion for photography, his experiences at the London Fashion Week and his new upcoming projects in the future.


Modelmanagement.com: Alex, how would you describe your style of photography?
Alex Vesci: I’m fairly new to photography and my style is still evolving. I’m experimenting different styles and working with various photography techniques, but I’m leaning towards pure photography.

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MM: You have a Master’s degree in Business Economics. Why did you choose to pursue a career in photography after that?
AV: It’s a Greek thing really. You must go to university, otherwise your family will disown you! So when I was looking for universities to apply, there wasn’t a bachelor’s degree for photography in Greece. Thus, I went for a broader field like business and economics, studies that could prove useful in life.

MM: Tell us, how was the shoot with the two models you found from the casting posted on Modelmanagement.com?
AV: I had so much fun on the set with Ollie and Fabrizio. They were professional and great to work with, and I was able to get the shots I envisioned. I look forward to working with them again.

Shoot with Alex was great and fun and stylist and other model were really nice people, I enjoyed that and results were nice. 
Model Fabrizio Battaglia on Modelmanagement.com

MM: You were recently involved with London Fashion Week. How was that experience for you?
AV: I remember last year I was home watching the shows and was dreaming of being there. So this year, when I received invitations from brands such as Barbour and KTZ I got very excited. The whole experience was an eye opener and a great insight to the fashion world. The after parties were a great opportunity to meet with other creatives, as well!

MM: What do you love most about your job?
AV: The fact that a group of creative people can work together to transform a unique idea into an image that can portray a story. I love the whole process of it: from researching, planning, to the execution and the post production. You just never get bored.

MM: Three tips all aspiring photographers should know in order to be successful?
AV: Have a passion for it, work as hard as you can, and don’t let anyone limit your dreams.

MM: What can we expect from you in the near future?
AV: I’m currently working on various projects in campaign, editorial and fashion photography. You can find out more on my Instagram alexvesci. Stay tuned!

A big thank you to Alex Vesci for letting us look into his work and passion for photography as well as giving us the amazing pictures of the photo shooting with the models from Modelmanagement.com, Ollie and Fabrizio.
To see the rest of his photography work just visit his website!

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