8 Instagram influencers on modelmanagement.com!

Recently modelmanagement.com got a little make-over and our members can now link their social media accounts to their model profiles… including Instagram! Instagram is the perfect account to show off your photography and modeling skills whilst also sharing your adventures, lifestyle and personality with all your followers. Some of our members are super active on social media and have desirable feeds with an impressive amount of followers.


For that reason we decided to show off some of the coolest Instagrammers that are part of our community. Have a look at our 8 favorite Instagrammers from this month!

Jenny Burgartz from Paris, France

Image from Jenny’s Instagram

Naghmeh Zol from Zurich, Switzerland


Image from Naghmeh’s Instagram

Adam Moloud from Alexandria, Egypt

Image from Adam’s Instagram

Eva-Maria Wurzer from Linz, Austria

Image from Eva’s Instagram

Edwar Tiger from Barcelona, Spain

Image from Edwar’s Instagram

Audrey Loke from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Image from Audrey’s Instagram

Liam Kazim from Istanbul, Turkey


Image from Liam’s Instagram

Jenny Avila from New York, United States


Image from Jenny’s Instagram

Boost your model profile by being active on our site whilst also sharing your modeling pics to any social media accounts you have. So, to all our members on modelmanagement.com – get yourself and your talents out there!

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