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TFM’s Winter Beauty Giveaway

It’s winter time, and that generally means your summer glow has been replaced by dry skin, flat hair, and a sad frown because you feel cold and not so pretty. Well my friends, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way — especially with this […]

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Models for clothing brand campaign found within a day!

Due to the collaboration between and clothing brand Lola Nomada a successful photo shoot for the brand’s website & social media took place! A casting was posted on our community to find models for…

Why I Started My Own Model Management Company: The Ugly Side of The Modeling Industry

Last year I strayed a bit from The Frugal Model to start my new business, Stetts Model Management. After fit modeling for over a decade, I had experienced the good and the bad of the modeling industry. The good included the high paying jobs working with well-known designers, and having […]

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When the World Gets Too Noisy

The first thing many of us hear is the sound of our alarm going off in the morning. We reach over with sleep still in our eyes to turn it off. It’s rarely ever a pleasant alarm that lets you ease into your day… more like a blaring horn screaming at you to WAKE UP! From […]

The stories behind inked models tattoos!

Modeling industry standards have drastically changed! Just a few years ago it was almost impossible to see models with visible tattoos on runway shows, campaigns or high fashion editorials. Our…

Addicted to Velvet!

Autumn is in the air which means new trends & garments can be found in our wardrobes! There are a lot of trends that are HOT this season and some that have…

Vatche, a talented fashion photographer from LA!

Vatche is a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles, United States, he runs his own studio focusing on the business aspect of delivering product photography while also pursuing fashion with a…

The Trump Era and the Angry Black Woman

Last Tuesday as the election results were pouring in, I was at the airport waiting to board a flight out of the country. The timing of a planned work-cation to Tahiti could’t have been better. But as I sat in the terminal witnessing all of the hope and progress of the past 8 years disappear, […]